Laura O’Neill

Internal Family Systems Therapist and Guide

Laura O’Neill is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia. She received her M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Divine Mercy University.

Engaging with those who suffer and heal over the past twenty years in the helping profession has informed her approach to counseling. Whether someone is dealing with a crossroads in life, a crisis or unexpected circumstances and symptoms, Laura is eager to create a warm and inviting space for clients to feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings at their own pace. DMU educates counselors to understand the human person as fundamentally good and called to flourish through relationships.

After working as a registered nurse for many years, Laura began to explore the impact stress has on an individual’s physical health and the quality of his or her relationships. Now, with her clients, she continues to draw on her experience as a nurse, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and is passionate about helping individuals develop an awareness of how the body, mind, and soul are integrated, noting patterns of emotional wellness intersecting with physical and spiritual wellness.

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