Jennifer Maher

Internal Family Systems Therapist and Guide

Specializing in:

  • Individual
  • Young Adults
  • Trauma Survivor Parts
  • Substance Use Parts
  • Anxious and Depressed Parts
  • Scrupulous Parts

I am an Internal Family Systems clinician and guide with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Divine Mercy University. I am a Certified Clinical Traumatologist through the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology and am Level 1 trained through the IFS Institute. I am a member in of the Integrated Therapist Community with Dr. Peter Malinoski and have trained with Derek Scott and Colleen West to sharpen my skills as an IFS trauma-focused therapist and coach.

I have traveled worldwide and throughout the United States, working with trauma survivors for over several years and specialize in working with first responders, individuals, and young adults. I believe in meeting individuals where they are, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for them to explore ways that help them overcome challenges so they can flourish and achieve set goals.

I look forward to accompanying anyone looking to roll up their sleeves to gain a deeper understanding of their internal world so they can become who they are.